Aquia Creek Lane Construction Update - May 4, 2012

Despite many challenges, the contractor is working hard to have Aquia Creek Lane presentable and ready for move out by 5/7/12. As you may have probably seen, work over the past week has included installing the pavers for raised crosswalks, installing block retaining walls, replacing some curb that was damaged by delivery traffic during construction and final paving.

Unfortunately the project will not be complete enough by 5/7/12 to remove the construction fence. All work will stop between 5/7/12 - 5/19/12 in observance of quiet hours and finals. A building project that included indoor work would not completely shut down since they can be noisy inside an unoccupied building, but since the road project is surrounded by housing & classrooms there is no time during the day that work can continue. On May 21, work will resume to finish the project. The target date to open the road fully to traffic is the end of May, weather permitting.

Student Apartment move out will occur using both the parking deck & the road. A limited number of cars will be allowed on Aquia Creek Lane at a time under the direction of Parking Services and Housing. The residents desiring to use Aquia Creek Lane must obtain a special pass from their Resident Director to be allowed to use the road for moving out. If any questions about access on Aquia Creek Ln, please email


Aquia Creek Lane Construction Update for the week of February 27, 2012

The contractor for the Aquia Creek Lane Improvements has progressed nicely on the project during the last week. Demolition, tree removal, and storm sewer installation are well underway with some new curb & gutter installed also. Items of work for the week of February 27 include installing new curb & gutter, sidewalks, continued installation of storm sewer, completion of tree removal and the installation of chain link safety fence. We had hoped to be able to use orange construction fence to allow more flexibility in access, but due to several close calls with pedestrians and cyclists cutting through the construction area, chain link fence will be installed around the entire perimeter of the project. All of the doors of the buildings facing Aquia Creek Lane have been marked 'Emergency Exit' only. Pedestrians are advised to stay on marked paths and be aware of your surroundings. Bicyclists must use alternate routes. We understand that it is inconvenient to walk around the area, but it is vital to the safety of the campus population. --

Aquia Creek Lane Construction Update-February 20, 2012

The contractor for the Aquia Creek Lane Improvements has mobilized on site and started work. A material & equipment storage area, erosion and sediment controls, and construction fencing have all been installed this week. Demolition of the existing curbs & some pavement has been initiated as well. Next week's items of work include tree removal, storm sewer installation, continued demolition of the existing road and additional erosion and sediment controls as needed. Except for one crosswalk from Mason Pond Deck to SUBI, all pedestrian crossings from the Student Apartments across Aquia Creek Ln will be blocked by fencing. Pedestrians should avoid Aquia Creek Ln. Pedestrians are advised to stay on marked paths and please be aware of your surroundings. All of the doors of the buildings facing Aquia Creek Lane (SUBI, Aquia, Thompson) will be marked as Emergency Exits only.   This is for the protection of the campus population.

Aquia Creek Ln Construction February 13, 2012

From February 15 until approximately May 15, Aquia Creek Ln. will be closed to essentially all traffic except emergency and delivery vehicles while the road is repaired. George Mason Blvd. behind Thompson Hall will also be closed at times while it is repaired. The work being done on the roads includes repaving, addition of new pedestrian sidewalks, raised crosswalks  and disabled access paths, fixing water drainage issues, reorienting parking spaces, and putting in new curbs. The work will be done in phases as the construction stretches from Patriot Circle to past the Mason Pond Parking Deck. One lane shall be open most of the time to accommodate emergency and delivery access.  As one may imagine, there will be many impacts and inconveniences during the three months of construction in order to facilitate the long-term improvements of the road.

Disabled Access

The disabled parking spaces along Aquia Creek Ln. as well as some of those on George Mason Blvd behind Thompson Hall will be unavailable for the duration of this project. Some temporary disabled spaces are being added in a small lot on George Mason Blvd. behind Thompson Hall-near the motorcycle spaces.

For those that use the disabled spaces along Aquia Creek Ln-behind Aquia Building, SUB1, and Student Apartments, you can make arrangements to park in the disabled spaces of the reserved permit areas of Mason Pond Deck(Levels 3-5). To do so, one will need a deck access card that can be obtained from the Parking Services office. One will need to bring their DMV issued disabled registration card(which must be in the name of the Mason permit holder) in order to be granted the deck access and must display their Mason parking permit and DMV issued disabled placard when parking in the deck.

From the Mason Pond Deck, Parking Services will have golf cart service to transport those disabled parkers that normally park along Aquia Creek Ln. to nearby buildings. In order to use the golf cart service as an employee or student, one must register first with the Ruth Townsend, Mason’s ADA Coordinator and Associate Director of Equity and Diversity Services.  Ruth can be contacted at Once registered, users will be provided instructions on how to request use of the golf cart service.

Metro Access will not be able to pick up and drop off along Aquia Creek Lane. The alternate drop off will be Finley Hall. There is a small lounge at the main entrance where riders can wait in inclement weather. If you will need assistance getting from Finley Hall to the buildings along Aquia Creek Lane or to the Johnson Center, please contact Ruth Townsend at for transportation options.

Service/Repair and Delivery Access

Access for service and delivery vehicles will be limited during construction. Except for two or three weeks when the road is completely shut down for the installation of two raised crosswalks, there will be access to the loading docks serving Aquia Building, SUB1, and Harris Theatre. However, service and state vehicles will not be allowed to remain in the loading docks unless they have made prior arrangements with Parking Services.  Service and state vehicles may park in Lot I after making any deliveries or unloading supplies.

Short-Term Parking

Since the 30-minute parking spaces along Aquia Creek Ln will not be available during construction, the closest short-term parking options will be Lot I or Mason Pond Parking Deck. In Lot I, there are some 30-minute parking spaces in the front row (closest to the residence hall). In Mason Pond Deck, 30-minute parking or less is complimentary in the visitor area (Levels 1-2). To access the visitor area, please use the Mason Pond Dr. entrance. If exceeding 30 minutes, normal hourly rates of $3/hr will be charged.

Pedestrian Access

During the project, pedestrian access will also be significantly impacted. If possible, it is best to avoid the Aquia Creek Ln area. With changing conditions depending on the stage of the construction, pedestrian detours through the student apartments will be in place at times. It is crucial that pedestrians pay attention to and adhere to posted signage for their safety.

There is a group of stakeholders representing major units of the buildings along Aquia Creek Ln as well as other departments impacted by the Aquia Creek Ln project. If you have a question or special need, please seek out them or you can contact:

Parking Services:

Kim Greene-Facilities Project Manager:

For updated information on the project as conditions and impacts will change continually throughout the three months, please go to

You can also get updated information about this project and other parking and transportation impacts at and