November 7, 2011

Fall Permit Rates Reduced

Effective Nov. 1st, Annual and Fall parking permit rates will be reduced.  Please note that semester parking permits for the Spring do not go on sale until Dec. 1st, and all semester permits sold in November are still only valid for the Fall semester and expire on January 31, 2012.  All general annual and reserved annual (parking decks, Lot J – subject to availability) maintain their August, 2012 expirations.  If you plan on purchasing a Lot J or parking deck permit for the Spring semester, these permits will be reduced further starting on Dec. 1st when Spring permits go on sale.  Lot J upgrades are still available for $65 for the remainder of the academic year when upgrading from an annual general permit.

Reduced Rates for November:

General Fall Semester: $90 (reduced from $150 – expires January, 2012)

General Annual: $215 (reduced from $275 – expires August, 2012)

Mason Pond / Shenandoah (formerly Sandy Creek) / Rappahannock River / Founders Hall (Arlington) Parking Decks: $450 (reduced from $550 – expires August, 2012)

Shenandoah Evening and Founders Hall Day Parking Decks: $340 (reduced from $415 – expires August, 2012)

Lot J Reserved: $280 (reduced from $415 – expires August, 2012)