PARKING LOT LOCATIONS AND DESIGNATIONS. Refer to the maps for lot locations and designations.

Faculty and Staff Defined Faculty/staff status is defined and regulated as set forth in the sections that follow. This information is based on regulations set forth by the University Human Resources Department. Only faculty and staff members defined and categorized in the sections below are eligible to purchase faculty/staff parking permits and park in spaces restricted for faculty/staff use.

Full-time Faculty Instructional faculty who teach four courses, or who teach and do research to full-time equivalency and receive benefits.

Part-time or Adjunct Faculty Instructional faculty who teach up to three (3) courses without benefits.

Administrative Faculty Individuals under contract with the University as administrative faculty whose positions are primarily administrative in nature. Said individuals receive benefits and may also teach part time.

Affiliate Faculty Individuals who teach a course(s) or do research without salary or benefits.

Emeritus Faculty Retired faculty named to emeritus status by deans and the provost and approved by the Board of Visitors.

Classified Staf. Classified staff are those individuals hired to work under the state classification system. These individuals may take an unlimited class load and still qualify for a faculty/staff parking permit.

Hourly Wage Employees Individuals employed on an hourly basis without benefits and limited to working a maximum of 1,500 hours per year. These employees may be eligible for faculty/staff parking provided they carry fewer than one credit hour per term and are not classified as full time students.

Employees Not Eligible for Faculty/Staff Parking Employees not eligible for faculty/staff parking privileges are listed and defined in the sections below.

Graduate Assistants Graduate research assistants and graduate teaching assistants maintain student status and are eligible to purchase student permits only.

Student Wages Employees. Full-time undergraduate students taking three credi hours or more and are working as wages employees. These individuals are eligible to purchase student permits only.

Temporary Employees Individuals hired directly as contract employees of the University or through a temporary agency to work on temporary assignments. Parking permits may be issued to them at prevailing rates on a daily, weekly, monthly, semester or annual basis upon written request from the Human Resources Department.

Student Defined A student is defined as an individual enrolled in a class offered by George Mason University. This includes Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants and Graduate Staff Assistants. Faculty and classified staff attending courses are not considered students. Refer above for faculty/staff definitions.

Non-Resident Students Students who reside in housing areas located on George Mason University property are considered non-resident students and will be issued a non-resident student permit.

Resident Students Students who reside in housing areas located on George Mason University property, including the Student Townhouses, are considered resident students and will be issued a resident student permit.

Vendor Defined Vendors are defined as those individuals using vehicles to deliver supplies from outside the University in support of University departments and contractors.

Visitor Defined A visitor is defined as any person who is NOT classified as a faculty, staff, student, or vendor at George Mason University.

Disabled Parker Defined A disabled parker is someone with short-term or long-term disabilities who requires use of disabled parking facilities and is supported with appropriate documentation of need.

Senior Citizen Defined Senior citizens are defined as individuals 60 years of age or older at the time of purchase or as of September 1 of the current academic year.

Parking Space Defined Parking spaces are defined as the designated areas for parking motor vehicles on University property. Each parking space is designated by painted control lines. Certain areas may be used as parking spaces without painted control lines. These areas will be marked with appropriate signage. Parking is prohibited in any area that lacks control lines or otherwise appropriate signage.


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