Parking at Meters

The following regulations apply to metered parking areas.

Enforcement Meters are enforced during the hours posted.  If hours are not posted the meter is enforced from 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. Persons with a valid DMV-issued disabled license plate or placard may use the metered parking spaces at the prevailing rates. A George Mason University parking permit is not valid as payment at meters. Parking or standing at an expired meter is not allowed and will result in a citation and fine.

Missing or Inoperable Meters Inoperable meters are considered closed spaces; vehicles parked in these spaces are subject to citation and fine. Missing and inoperable meters should be reported to Parking Services immediately for replacement or repair. Cases of meter vandalism may be tried in a Virginia court of law as destruction of property and/or larceny, in addition to any citation issued.

Valid Currency Only United States currency may be used in parking meters. Federal law prohibits the use of other currency, altered U.S. currency, or other objects. GMU meters accept only quarters for payment.



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