Current Permit, Fine and Refund Rates

When purchasing permits online, payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, or electronic check. When paying with electronic check, please ensure there are sufficient funds in the account and that the routing and account numbers are entered properly. A $50 administrative fee will be applied to accounts with insufficient funds or if the account number or routing number are entered incorrectly.


Fall 2016 - 2017 PARKING PERMIT RATES (as of 6/02/16)


(Prices indicated on this list are not indicative of permit availability)


West Campus Lot – Annual $150.00
Lot M & P Only – Annual (not available to resident students) $265.00
GENERAL PERMITS (Lot A, C, K, L, M, O, P, all of level 2 and the half of level 1 not designated as visitor parking of the Rappahannock River Parking Deck)
General – Semester* $235.00

General – Annual*


Motorcycle General – Spring/Summer(Note 1) $100.00

Motorcycle Secondary Permit (Note 2)



West Campus Lot Resident – Annual $195.00
General Resident Lite – Annual (only valid in Lots K, M, O, P, and West Campus $325.00
General Resident –Semester $270.00
General Resident – Annual $500.00


Lot J –Annual


Lot I –Annual


Lot R – Annual (Liberty Sq/Potomac Hts residents only)



Mason Pond Evening – Annual (4pm – 2:30am) $550.00

Mason Pond Annual


Shenandoah Evening – Annual (4pm – 2:30am)


Shenandoah – Annual $725.00
Rappahannock River Roof Only – Annual (Faculty/Staff only) $525.00

Rappahannock River –Annual


Motorcycle Deck – Annual (Note 1)


Motorcycle Secondary Deck Permit - if purchased with Deck Permit (Note 2)


Motorcycle Secondary Deck Permit – if purchased with General Surface Parking Permit (Note 2)



General Arlington Campus (Metropolitan Garage) – Semester**


General Arlington Campus (Metropolitan Garage) –Annual** $455.00
Founders Hall Daytime – Annual (5am - 6pm) $460.00
Founders Hall Evening – Annual (2pm – 2am) $460.00

Founders Hall – Annual


PAYROLL DEDUCTION RATES (Rates based on 24 payment cycles)
West Campus Lot – Annual $6.25/Bi-monthly
Lot M & P Only – Annual* $11.04/Bi-monthly
General - Annual $17.92/Bi-monthly
Lot J – Annual - Sold out $22.92/Bi-monthly
Lot I – Annual $25.42/Bi-monthly
Mason Pond – Annual $30.21/Bi-monthly
Shenandoah – Annual $30.21/Bi-monthly
Rappahannock River Roof Only – Annual (Faculty/Staff only) $21.88/Bi-monthly
Rappahannock River – Annual $25.42/Bi-monthly
General Arlington Campus (Metropolitan Garage) – Annual** $18.96/Bi-monthly
Founders Hall – Annual $25.42/Bi-monthly

ADJUNCT PARKING OPTIONS (In addition to all of the options above, adjunct faculty are also elgible for the following parking options)

Adjunct Faculty Permit – Semester (only valid in Lot K, PV Lot, and the Field House Lots, M, O, & P) $52.50
Adjunct Faculty Permit – Annual (only valid in Lot K, PV Lot, and the Field House Lots, M, O, & P) $97.50
Block of 15, 24 Hour Parking Deck Validations for Mason Pond & Shenandoah Parking Decks (only valid for adjunct faculty teaching one day a week) $56.00
Block of 15, 24 Hour Parking Deck Validations for Rappahannock River Parking Deck (only valid for adjunct faculty teaching one day a week) $56.00
Fairfax Daily Permit Rate (General Lots) $8.00
Field House Lots: M, O, & P Daily Rate (Pay & Display receipt on your vehicle’s dashboard.  Pay machine is located in Lot O in front of the Field House; pay by cell through Parkmobile application) $4.00
Field House weekly $15.00
Field House monthly $45.00
West Campus Daily (only available via online printable permit) $2.00
West Campus weekly $8.00
West Campus monthly $30.00
General daily (Not available first month of each semester) $8.00
Daily evening general (valid after 4pm) $5.00
Science and Technology Campus Daily Permit Rate $6.00
Weekly Permit Rate (Note 4) $25.00
Monthly Permit Rate (Note 4)  $60.00
Permit Replacement - Annual   $75.00
Permit Replacement - Semester $50.00
Permit Replacement - Summer/Payroll Deduction $25.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 1hr (Note 3) $3.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 2hr (Note 3) $6.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 3hr (Note 3) $9.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 4hr (Note 3) $12.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 4 - 24hr (Note 3) $15.00
Deck Weekend Rate (All day) $8.00
Fairfax Campus Meter Hourly Rate - 1hr $3.00
Fairfax Campus Meter Hourly Rate - 2hr maximum $6.00
Science and Technology Campus Meter Hourly Rate - 1hr (every hour after the first is $1.00 up to a maximum of $6.00) $2.00


*Not available for on-campus residents.

**Available to students and Faculty/Staff who take classes or work at the Arlington Campus.

 Note 1: Mopeds, scooters, and bicycles occupying parking space will be categorized as motorcycles for policy application.

Note 2: Price reduced for individuals who purchase a motorcycle permit with a regular permit.

Note 3: Rates repeat after 24 hours. Pricing may vary depending on time, date, and presence of an event. Temporary rate changes will be posted at the entrances to the parking deck.

Note 4: Due to the increased demand in General parking, student Weekly and Monthly permits may only be valid in the Field House Lots (M, O, & P). In the event that the Field House lots are full, overflow parking is available along Rapidan River Road and in the West Campus Parking Lot."




(Rates are Subject to Change Without Notification in this Document)

For all citations not paid within five calendar days, a $15 late fee will be issued ten days after the citation date. If citation remains unpaid after thirty days, an additional $25 will be added to the citation.

If you appeal your citation you are not eligible for the early payment discount.

Fine Description

Pay W/in 5 Days

Fraudulent Use of a Parking Deck
No Permit, No Permit on File and/or Displayed
Parking Overtime, Parking Time Limit Exceeded
Firelane Parking at Yellow Curbing and/or Sign
Restricted Area, Not Adhering to Signage or Restrictions
Loading Zone Improper/Unauthorized Use of Loading Area
Disabled Area Violation
Blocking Disabled Access, Restricting Ability to Access In or Out
Parking in a Reserved Space/Area, No Permit for Restricted Area
Fraudulent Display, Use of Lost/Stolen/Counterfeit Permit
Towing Removal of Vehicle from Area Parked
Booting and Immobilization Restricting Ability of Moving Car by Device
Improper Display, Non-compliance with Policy Display Requirements
Parking over the Lines, Exceeding Parameter of Designated Space Control
Parking Left/Wrong Side to Curb Vehicle Parked in Opposition of Traffic Flow
Double Parking, Parking Side by Side in a Vertical Parking Area
* Damage to Parking Deck
** Tailgating
No Permit First Week of Semester
No Permit Second Week of Semester
Improper Use of State Property
MasonVale Improper Display

* Damage to Parking Deck includes damage to the deck gate, pay stations and other deck equipment or features.

** Tailgating includes additional vehicles driving through the gate after the gate bar has been raised for a vehicle to drive through.

2016 - 2017 Refund Rate Schedule

If you purchase a permit online, but do not pick it up and want to return it after the initial 2 business day full refund grace period, an admin fee charge of $15 will be applied.



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