Administration of Policy and Procedures


The Motor Vehicle Parking Procedures are authorized by and based on George Mason University's Administrative Policy 1108 and the Motor Vehicle Parking Procedures, available on the George Mason University Parking Services website.


POLICY ADMINISTRATOR The Vice President for Administration is responsible for administering this policy. In addition, the Director will act as the Contract Administrator for the Parking Services contract and is responsible for the strategic direction of all parking operations.

PARKING SERVICES DEPARTMENT This department is responsible for the day-to-day management of all parking operations. In addition, the department will recommend to the Policy Administrator appropriate additions and deletions to the parking procedures.

PARKING SERVICES ADVISORY COMMITTEE The Advisory Committee is responsible for reviewing proposed changes to the parking procedures. Additionally, they are charged with reporting parking issues to the policy administrator for policy or administrative action. The composition of the Committee should reflect student, staff, contractor, and special events constituencies within the University community.

PARKING SERVICES COORDINATOR The Parking Services Coordinator is specifically responsible for the training of parking enforcement staff to ensure consistent and accurate ticketing on all three campuses. Further, the Coordinator will administer the appeals process to ensure appeals are granted in a fair, timely, and equitable manner.

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