Vendors & Contractors at Mason

Regular and Occasional Vendor/Contractor Parking Vendors and contractors who come to campus on a regular basis or will be on campus on a daily basis for a set period of time will be required to purchase permits. These individuals should have the department sponsoring their visit contact Parking Services to arrange payment for parking. Parking permits can be purchased for vendors on a daily, weekly, monthly, semester, or annual basis at the prevailing rates.

Marked Service and Delivery Vehicles Marked, short-term delivery vehicles from organizations that have agreements with University departments to deliver supplies and services may park in Service and Repair areas without displaying a permit. Departments which require these vehicles to park in other areas should contact Parking Services to arrange parking.

Vendor/Contractor Responsibilities Vendors and contractors are responsible for adhering to and advising all employees of George Mason University parking regulations as outlined in their contractual agreement with the University. Permits issued to contractors or commercial firms may be restricted as to date, time, duration, and parking area. Vendor/contractor permits are not to be used for any other parking purposes. These individuals are responsible for any citations and fines assigned to their vehicles.


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The Parking Services Offices will no longer have computers available in their offices to purchase your permit.