Visitor Parking Rates


Rates are Subject to Change Without Notification in this document.

Fall 2012/Spring 2013 RATES -  PARKING RATES
Deck Hourly Rate - 1hr  $       3.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 2hr  $       6.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 3hr  $       9.00
Deck Hourly Rate - 4hr  $     12.00
Deck Hourly Rate - All Day  $     14.00
Meter Hourly Rate - 1hr  $      3.00
Meter Hourly Rate - 2hr max  $       6.00
Prince William Campus $1.00/hr or $5.00 a day at the meters

Rates repeat after 24 hours. Pricing may vary depending on time, date, and presence of an event. Temporary rate changes will be posted at the entrances to the parking deck.






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