Visitors to Mason and Special Event Parking

All visitors to the Fairfax Campus are strongly encouraged to park in the Visitor Parking at either the Mason Pond, Shenandoah Parking Deck, or Rappahannock River Parking Decks at the prevailing rates. Visitors may also park at parking meters at the prevailing rates. To view rates, click here and scroll to Other Permits and Fees.

If you need to order validations or permits for event parking please use the order forms at the right of this page, under Purchase Validations.

Special Events at the Patriot Center During special events at the Patriot Center, the parking lots surrounding the building are exempt from permit requirements three hours before and after the event. At all other times, permits are required in the lots.

Special Events at the Center for the Arts For special events at the Center for the Arts, parking in Lot K is free for two hours before and after the event. There is also paid parking available at the event rate in the Mason Pond Parking Deck. At all other times, permits are required in Lot K.

Family Visitors Family of faculty, staff and/or students must prominently display a valid temporary permit on their vehicle when parked in non-metered areas of surface lots. The George Mason University faculty, staff, or student must purchase the temporary permit and will be held responsible for any citation(s) and fine(s) issued to any vehicle displaying that permit. Temporary permits may be purchased at the Parking Services Offices.

Special Event Visitor Parking Visitors may be assigned parking for special events. Parking Services may designate specific parking areas or issue special permits to visitors or to a sponsoring University program/activity for distribution. Individuals visiting the University for Special Events may only park in areas designated for the event by Parking Services or may park in any other pay visitor area at the prevailing rates.

Visitors to the Arlington Campus Visitor parking is available in the Founders Hall garage at the posted hourly rate, with a $14/daily maximum Monday-Friday. Weekend parking is available at the flat rate of $7/day. No visitor parking is allowed in the GMU Metropolitan Building garage without prior authorization from Parking Services.

Visitors to the Science & Technology Visitors to the Science & Technology Campus will be instructed by signage to take note of the parking space number and follow instructions to pay at the electronic parking meter located at the front of Occoquan Lot. A vehicle which leaves a paid space prior to the expiration of time relinquishes any balance of time without refund. The balance of time does not transfer to any other space.


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The Parking Services Offices will no longer have computers available in their offices to purchase your permit.